Friday, April 24, 2009

Career Strategy "Boot Camp"

At Week 7, the doorbell at the LRC is ringing and ringing. Students are asking for the gallery of real resumes, cover letters, "thank you" letters, Internet resumes and elements of resume style to present themselves throughout the best resumes and to obtain the winning image. Who's hiring who? Am I a good enough job hunter? I used the Reference USA database, but cannot find it again in the new Virtual Library layout, please help me!

The graduate students are very serious about the career portfolio and power networking. In a couple weeks they will become experts on how to get interviews from classified ads.

The most popular book of the week is the "ACE the IT Resume: The Resumes and Cover Letter to Get You Hired" by Paula Moreira.

Next quarter we will do a similar display. Why not? It is working. Employment is a "number one" subject among our students, citizens, and the press.

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