Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Talented Freshman CJ Student

Diane M. Bazil (D.M.B.) is a freshman student at the Criminal Justice program. She has a passion for creative writing. She always care with her a folder with motivational creative writings.

When students approached Diane and asked her why she decided to study "Crime and Justice" at ITT Technical Institute instead of "Crime and Punishment" by F. Dostoevsky in a Literature program, she said that she made a practical choice to get a professional career that pays more money, and her passion for writing is her hobby that keeps her motivated and helps her to keep the promise to herself to stay in school and achieve her educational goal.

Good luck, Diane! Do not give up! May all your goals and dreams come through.

Diane M. Bazail's Embrace Quote
"Each night as I call out your name, I feel your warm embrace wraps around me like a heated."

Diane M. Bazail's Possibilities Quote
"With my heart pounding against the untamed wind, he sat ocean side, a comfortable distance away from me, yet close enough, to leave open all."


Starline said...

There is an extensive artistic side to my family Ida. My sister creates beautiful, magnificent portraits with her steady hands. My father use to sing, he had a fabulous voice. My mother played the piano when she was young, and I write. "What a wonderful combination, isn't it?"

Starline said...

Hope you all enjoy this piece, it's titled, "Instinctual Rites."

“…She felt unrestrained by the look in his eyes, as he gallantly walked right past her side. Thoughts of an encounter most definitely occurred; off they went through persistence of her; wistfully taken by his most definitive creation, they both positioned in sweet liberation. Entangled throughout the evening’s moon light, incarcerated within their instinctual rites.”

-Diane M. Bazail