Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Green Your Lucky Color?

Is green your lucky color?
“Yes, it is,”- green is incorporated in my soul.

Once upon a time,
Long before the green initiative
And energy consumption,
Green was my mother’s favorite line.

Long time ago,
Before green became the hot season’s color
My eyes’ green pigment
Became the style-trend following entertainment.

Yes, green is my lucky color!
Green is incorporated in my soul.
Look at me, I have a green purse
And a green house.

I have a lime bedroom
For a little zoom,
And I have a green dress
For the weekend success.

I like to drink green tea,
And I like the view of my green palm tree;
Green, green, very green ocean,
And green cucumber lotion.

I like the green iguanas
And the green bananas,
A green Honda,
And the green tropical flora.

Hot summer days are green, too.
When the skies are extremely blue.
After the tropical rain, the green grass is new.
The leaves and the trees are sinew.

Which green is your lucky color,
The light green or darker?
Any green is my favorite color.
Any green makes me happier and younger!

2008 Ida Tomshinsky

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