Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Ms. "N"

This poem "Dear Ms. "N" was written on the way home from my trip to Jacksonville to attend the annual fall FACRL librarians conference. The program included a panel held by young librarians that are attending the Master's Degree programs in Library Sciences. The young men and women were collaborated about the future of our profession. It was both entertaining and refreshing. At the end of the conference, I got a chance to talk to them, to shake the hand and wish them to get in love with their careers the same way as our generation did with our profession.

This particular poem is for my colleagues librarians as a way to wish them a happy Valentine's Day and a great Presidents Day!

Dear Ms. "N,"
You are the best librarian!
You are the “number 1” on career’s job-list.
You are the beauty. I am the beast.
I watch you every time
When I visit the library of mine
I noticed your grace
In the great inspirational place
As you reading the reference
With knowledge and confidence.
Librarians like you make a difference
24/7 without preference.
You are the leader
Climbing the professional ladder as a feather.
You are a powerful educational link
Writing with blue ink.
You are an asset to local community –
Our future technical infinity.
You are fun and eclectic.
You are the messenger of new tactic.
All the best wishes,
Hugs and kisses,
Truly yours, and admired
That wants you to be hired
To work and grow
In the future job market of tomorrow.

Finally, signature to clear,
And the date to bear.

Ida Tomshinsky © November 7, 2008

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