Monday, February 27, 2017

The ABC Parade

A          is for Atom
             the friend of man.
      B           is for the Badge,
                   my big brother has.
C           is for the Chief
              I will be some day!
      D           is for Doctor
                    our greatest friend.
E           is for Earth,
             that is big and round.
      F           is for Fire-Engine,
                   that is bright red.
G           is for the Grapes
             that are so sweet.
      H          is for Heart
                   that is happy and loved.
I            is for Ice-Cream
             I like to eat.
       J           is for Jet Plane
                   high in the sky.
K          is for Keys,
             my mommy has.
       L          for the Lamb,
                   with white and soft curls.
M         is for Moon
             shining by night.
      N          is for Necktie:
                   please tie it for me.
O         is for Oak-Tree,
            two hundred years old.
      P          is for Parade,
                  watching TV in Thanksgiving day.
Q         for the Quins:
            Jane, Jen, Jean,
            June and Joan.
      R         for the Rocket
                  going to the Moon.
S          is for the Sea
            blue and deep.
      T          is for the Tiger
                  with orange stripes.
U         is for Umbrella
            to use in the rain.
     V         is for the Vegetables;
                 let us pick some for lunch.
W        is for Water
            fresh and good.
      X         is for X-Roads;
                 which way shall we go?
Y         is for the Year
            with twelve happy months.
      Z          is for the Zipper,
                  my white sweater has.


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