Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Green Cover for the new book "Bracelets Academy"

From the Author desk...
The new book in the History of Fashion Accessories Series is published and available for reading, research, and critique. The cover is green that is reflecting on the staple illustration. I could not be more happy with the color of green. Green color has the signal-system code for permission, the authorization to go and get the book to read! Also it is the nature call to the green spaces, environmental protection and ecology that foster the natural metals and precious stones for bracelets, the major factor for wrist ornamentation.

In contemporary Western societies, the color of green represents the opposite of negative attitudes of being envy and jealous, it enhances hope, health, and freedom. The material culture brings in the power of green color together with other colors of rainbow, awakening both the artistic creation and the imagination. (Tomshinsky, 2017)

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