Friday, December 2, 2016

Greater Miami and The Beaches

Greater Miami and The Beaches

Greater Miami and the Beaches
Couture and culture
Are two modern ways of life
By the pool, at the ocean -
Under the sun motion
Or cabana bathhouse
At the shoreline with your own wife
In the Greater Miami and the Beaches,
More over, for American riches -
The fashion design of tailoring,
Grooming, and dressmaking
With winery eating, clubs, and music
For amusing
And entertaining at the vacation time pick
What used to be at one 'click.'
However, not anymore.
Boom is not over for
Real estate and contractors,
Investors and other factors.

Society obligations,
Customs and traditions,
Modern civilization and ethnicity -
The modern way of life
Are great five
For publicity
Of the Greater Miami and the Beaches

Tourists Say

Tourists say that it's always June down of Miami Beach
With plenty of sun-tanned youth across the bridge.
Our tropical green land is a special place
Where summer spends winter faze.

Reporters Say

Reporters say there is crime
At any time.
As the city is growing,
The latest demography affecting
People's mind:
As the scientists find,
The world's most baffling cases
Are made out of famous faces,
Right here, in Miami.

Ida Says

She likes hot summer flow more
Then cold winters' wind-blow.
The tropical extraordinary nature is special,
Particularly by achieving the healthy and active lifestyle.
Individuals bring rhythm, color, and smile
In the every day life-mile.

Text and Poto: Ida Tomshinsky, 2006-2016

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