Saturday, June 18, 2016

Professor had been spoken: Bracelets

Today bracelets are amongst the most popular forms of jewelry. With the exception of earrings, bracelets are the most popular jewelry in the world. In a way, jewelry is a testament to how history repeats itself! Comparing jewelry from hundreds of years ago to contemporary jewelry, we will notice that ancient jewelry continues to inspire our current styles. “Every kiss begins with…fine jewelry,” says the famous TV ad. From classic sterling silver to colorful woven leather, everyone can string its own story on the array of bracelets.

Exactly when someone first discovered that tying a vine around the wrist made a pretty decoration isn't known, but people have worn bracelets for centuries. The best artisans of many cultures applied their skills to the bracelet designs still worn today by both women and men.
In general, ever since the dawn of human race, jewelry managed to be a constant presence and driving force of many fashion and cultural changes we experienced trough each millennium.  Luminous fairy tales tell us wonder of nature woven with legends.

Professor has been spoken as the bracelets draw attention to the beauty of wrists and hands. Their gentle jingle is a constant reminder of a sparkling presence that turns even an everyday outing into a more festive occasion. Women throughout history, from Cleopatra to Michelle Obama, have worn bracelets as decorative accessories, and contemporary women continue to keep the bracelet tradition going strong.  

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