Saturday, June 25, 2016

Aimee Song's Bracelet Line

In 2015, the young fashion and interior designer, Aimee Song, came up with four bracelet line, which is not even called a collection.
The combination of black and pink and variations of blue colors plays in favor to younger generation divine taste. The stones framed in a pyramid shape, but Aimee has also bracelets with the traditional round bead form, and even from rainbow of colors in textile bows. However, the pyramid studded design of the bangles, they are gorgeous with a touch of edge! The “Song of Style” bracelets The whole point of these bracelets, they add some edge and a pop of color, plus they look really great alone or mixed in with other bracelets! Who does not like the game of mixing and matching! Aimee explained in her own words: “The reason I wanted to work with stones is because when I first started my career in interior design, I worked as a kitchen and bathroom designer and mainly worked with natural stone such as marble, granite, and quartz. I wanted to find stones for my bracelets that were either marble, or that looked as close as marble to tie in my love for interior design and fashion. Just because I have my own line of bracelets doesn’t mean that I’ll stop supporting my favorite jewelry designers!”
Good to know, Aimee! Once again, the inspiration come from visits to the local Library, from a hobby, or use of education in many different ways.

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