Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Prince of the Parking Lot

Over the evergreen parking lot edge a huge green old tree towers. Day and night it bounds with the Prince of the Parking Lot, the Frog. He jumps to the right and sings a ditty, he jumps to the left, and tells a story sitting at the giant routs of the tree. What marvels there! Little birds are resting and nesting high in the tree enjoying the afternoon sun rays. Insects, midges, mosquitoes, ants from  swamps and valleys found their perfect home coming from far away. Over the sandy beaches creep, and from the clear and shining water pond to the lovely warm south under the tree, to the evergreen parking lot. There were no any nice warm swamps, but the fat worms were fat. The frog, with all her four paws is jerking at the water sprinkle flopping luckily into little hole at the edge of the tree in the cement. The man's eyes would not see the home of His Majesty. His new house was without a door, without a window, and near the huge green old tree, where I like to sit at my lunch break and drink a sweet mead at my leisure, recounting tales from my past and using the pleasure here and now that will be shared with you all ...

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