Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books about Burlap

There are very few books about burlap and jute.

For children, I would recommend the book entitled "Uncle Hubbard and the Burlap Sack" by Mary Smith Hardy published in 2012.

For adults, there are few current books. The most current is "About Being able to Look GOOD in a Burlap Sack" by Ida Tomshinsky that will tell you about history of jute and burlap, burlap sacks, and other burlap applications. The book will be appreciated in hard economic times as it reintroduce by the author as an affordable textile that could be use in both fashion and interior design.

This book just became available. It is published by Xlibris in the first days of 2013.
ISBN 978-1-4653-8809-4
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