Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Heat

A flower, a butterfly dance

Surrounded by green leaves,

Sun and few clouds at once

Make me appreciate the days and eves

Quiet mornings and spraying rain

Work so good with my mind and brain.

Thanks to freshmen year of Psychology course,

I appreciate the pathway of knowledge that rouse

With life-long days and minutes

Building momentous

Looking forward to what will happen next

Only the heart knows the best

Kindness and passion, and other non-paradox impossibility

As a shiny smile and happiness on a dull day

Create happiness and delighters may possibly

Cross the road as astray

There is a strong verse in the universe

Rhyming of cause

Because despite the oz

I am describing my summer pose

My eleven-day expedition

Shows my position

Every minute of it

Is a story with a heart beat

The summer heat

Has that satisfaction bit,

The mystery of unknown

That is an honor to own.

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