Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bird's School

It was a routine summer morning. I put my walking cloth on and went outdoors for the morning walk. You never know what will be the surprise of the day – you can always run into astonishing scenery. And this is why I cannot stop going to the His Majesty, The Ocean.

The quit morning and discolored sky covered with after and before the rain clouds that safeguarded the morning sun over the Atlantic Ocean. The water with white edged waves followed the southwest wind. I entered into the ‘bird’s school.’ There were about thirty small size sea-gulls standing in chess-board order very lineal. All in the same position turned away their little bodies and heads from the wind and waiting for the superior adult birds to bring them food in the beak. The ‘bird’s school’ was watched over by three or four adult sea-gulls that looked and found the bird food for the youngsters from the sand and the water.

Somebody passed by closely, and the little birds very synchronously flied up with their small wings that need time to grow and get strength to fly far away the same way as their parents, teachers, or guardians.

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