Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Diary of the Handkerchief" by Ida Tomshinsky

From the author on the new book entitled "Diary of the Handkerchief" within the History of Fashion Accessories Series -

"The square piece of fabric is a long-time companion f ladies and gentlemen. It always was a tool, merely, of mingling of hearts and minds that clearly communicated its image and action , or even a feeling in a poetic way that resonated on a deeper level. Playful and vivid, and yet practical object with lace or without them continues to fascinate as a golden standard of the fashion accessory, a firm representative of culture, tradition, and history itself. Simple, and yet profound. Specific in time and place, yet universal in its emotional content of tears, and in its themes of respect for human nature to sweat, and, even, dramatized with stains of blood."

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