Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scientific Utopia

Florida, August 2048,
Mainstream organic robotic interface mirth.
Twenty-first mid-century Earth
And the Black Galaxy giving birth

To settlements on Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars
Rebuilding ruined ecosystems by flying space cars.
Genetic arts and bionetwork success
Contributed to the scientific utopia mess.

Disorder, confusion, and mandatory labor
Empowered by political leaders in favor.
Sample model from pre-industrial society
Busted up the human-a-like morality.

“I guess I will dive into the wreck
To the darkness in the spaceship derelict
To research the secrets from the past
X-rayed with modern radars.”

Group of marvelous teens, green as elves,
Very loyal to themselves
And the code they invent,
Inside, outside and online exploring the newest trend

Information in the Sci-Fi blend wrath
Of fantasy and detection within benchmarked path
And an epic century-long journey,
Imaginary fantasy, hunted in dreams, and very earthy.

Really, what will happen after half-century change?
Probably, something outrage and very strange.
Perhaps, there will be vital and vibrant teen space
And virtual lights will keep the blues of social path

Keep away dirty minds from the red button.
Don’t leave the future to the Satan!
Don’t make our planet rotten!
Turns on another question:

Who decides what it means to be human?
Here comes a new topic on humanity and men.
This one is not from utopia.
This one is from human philanthropy, dah!
Spontaneous, unpredictable
Taking over the brain and mind
Clicking evolution with visual effects
And social affects

In apps currency
That created the speed efficiency
Information security reviews
Computer forensics preventing intrudes

Copyright commodities
Plus twenty-eight percent royalties
Good, bad, and ugly
Web-based control systems vary

Empowering givers and users
Transforming communities of savvies
On the digital map
By a simple clap

Many clouds,
No brain, no rain –
“This is worse to try
Diving in the digital sky!”

Ida Tomshinsky © 2009-2012

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