Thursday, January 26, 2012

National EnGineering Week

It was announced a long-time ago about the National Engineering Week in February 19 to 25. So, it is coming soon. In the past blogs, it was slightly touched the surface of the unexpected connection in the dual attraction, the romance between modern technology and the cookery slang.
Today, let's imaging the classic Barbie doll acting as a 'career girl.' The Computer Engineering Barbie doll took a big place in my heart since her birthday on the winter day in 2010. Such a potential for girls to dream about leadership in technology, electronic engineering, and surroundings of computer technology!
So, keep in mind it, and let's us celebrate the capital 'G' in EnGineering standing for girls in engineering field. I know a very special lady with a PhD in Engineering, and she is an everyday inspiration, and a joy to follow. Sorry ladies, Lady Gaga and Lady in Red, today we are not against the pretty looks; but we, as parents and friends, have great expectations for our growing up young spring in education, careers, professional development, because future is calling for girls in science and technology, computer and electronic engineering.

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