Friday, January 6, 2012

The Lexicon

Technology is something that might want to be aware of.
Silk is not only the beautiful shiny fabric that is great for a pocket square handkerchief, or a flattering blouse.
Silk has a different meaning in technology slang. Instead of bogging down the Kindle Fire with a limited mobile browser, Silk processes Web sites 'silky way' using Amazon's cloud servers before sending the fully loaded sites to the user.
And Siri responds to thousands of voice commands and questions from traffic to the wardrobe. Siri is creepy and frightening, but extremely helpful. Siri is the digital personal secretary you always dream to have -she'll type out entire texts or e-mails that you dictate. The old joke really allows to have a secretary who knows how to write and spells it correctly. But please, do not tell it to your second-grader or it is too late, and he or she already knew it since yesterday.

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