Friday, March 18, 2011

This Tree

"This Tree" was written by Ida Tomshinsky, a true tree lover. The poem is very descriptive and has good observation.

In front of me

Is a tree.

It had a tough life-

The roots spread far

Out of the dirt

In knots and bombs

From tough fights

For space, sun and water

To keep the head high,

The same as we try.


Years divided the body of tree

On three equal parts -

Branches, the son and daughters,

Do not ask much in favor of tree's trunk,

Just sunlight and rain water

To stay mortal.

This tree has dark-gray bark,

Ridged and shaggy;

Its upright branches are paler and smooth,

As the truck was in youth.


The old buddy, earthy tree,

Stands straight and free,

Only the visual signals' appeal

Tells the story of every scar,

Wound and deep cuts in the hub.

Ten or twenty feet above the ground

This tree fights with beetles

And fungus one of a kind.


I'm here to listen to every story

Of battles with tough winds, hurricanes,

And tough tropical rains.

Air and soil are magic

For this mightiest tree.

Let me be your quiet admire,

A doctor, a healer, be the awe

Of this tree.


Right now, there are

Only two of us,

This green tree,

And me.

The spring bright-green leathery leaves

Almost cover the tree,

As smiling at me.

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