Sunday, March 6, 2011

At the Ocean Shore

This poem is from the new book of poems titled "Truly Wonderful Place" by Ida Tomshinsky.

The sun breaks through smoky gray
To say "Hey!"
The sun warms up the morning fresh sand
At the ocean shore's hard land.

The sun turns the water green,
Very keen.
The sky is never the same color
Just follow -

It has it all: bright orange, pale purple, hazy blue...
What a view!
Shells and weeds wait for the new wave to come;
Bum, bum, bum, very fun!

A seagull family looks for food,
Breakfast include.
The ocean waves suck them back into the water -
These is no time to take the photo.

Cold water makes skin feel peppermint.
I look for geometric bird's pencil print.
I let the wind to hug my body,
County comfy.

The sound of the wind is rewarding -
Whispering and murmuring.
The waves swish swashing,
Wrapping and calming.

They lull me to sleep
The sweet memory to keep.

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