Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Sunlight and rain water, air and soil -a tree is made from these. They are the magic ingredients that transform a tiny seed into the mightiest tree.
Man uses trees in countless ways, from eating their fruits to using their wood to build his home, for making musical instruments, baseball bats, paper, and cellophane.
One of the truly important benefits received from trees is the beauty they bring to our lives. Most people have a favorite tree, and almost all the states have chosen a special one as a symbol. Often this choice is decided by school children. Children vote to decided which tree should be the State Tree.
Trees are like most people are. By looking at many trees, you will find that individual trees vary as much as people do.
One of my favorite local trees is Sabal Palmetto, the cabbage palmetto.The giant fan-shaped leaf is divided into many pointed strips. The tiny greenish flowers grow on long sprays among the leaves.

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