Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What is a Rolodex?
Rolodex is a desktop rotary card index with removable cards, usually used for names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
With the new technology, the Microsoft Outlook and mobile phones, the role of the rotary card index is diminished. As we entering into the second decade of 21st Century, they are vintage antique. Just a few years ago there were no virtual social networks, no synchronized address books, and no smartphones. But people had social contacts and phones, and they had to organize thousands of contacts, or have a Rolodex.
On another hand, they had a long life, never taken a sick day in it's life; they still exist, but just barely. Places still sell them.
Statistically, the Facebook member aspires to have approximately three hundred friends. The Rolodex can allow to held up to six-thousand of index cards.
Rolodex is a testament to personal relationships and personal history. Rolodex is "an injured reserved list." Rolodex is a nostalgia of a wheel of life coming out of the fifties, and becoming a mature icon of the 80s. Now, thirty years after, they served good and ready to retire in the other category - the vintage antique.

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