Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dewey With Style

No wounder many librarians are very creative and enjoy several hobbies! Librarians I know, like to write, perform, play music, know how to cook, know how to sew, enjoy painting, make jewelry, great knitters and crocheters! I think, when you are surrounded by books and information 24/7, and when you carry out your professional obligation, the advocacy 24/7, you automatically pick up many other skills. The skills of interest are broader and wider because you are in a position to "Dewey with Style."
Thank you, for complimenting me on my crochet skills. I am really glad that you like them. I can teach you the same skills.
For me, it is difficult to resist to get the inspiration from the designers' books and benefit from expert advice every now and then. Whatever the scope of my project - knitting colorful purses or hats, researching on historical-social aspect of gloves or mittens - the ideas, tips, and tricks will help me clarify my vision and realize how better conduct my hands-on project or my intellectual research.

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