Saturday, January 23, 2010

Creative Colors of Fire

Textile, perhaps more than any other art form, reflect the cultures from which they come.They are at once personal, social, religious, and political-invaluable vehicles for the spread of ideas from one culture to another. In Africa, woven cloth have served these functions for more than two thousand years, conveying the vibrant essence of an African aesthetic.
Kente, the type of fabric produced by people of the old Ashanti ?Kingdom of Ghana convey the theme of "voices of triumph."

Ashanti tend to favor strips of uniform color, the varying colors in the Kente cloth express many paths taken by all African people, and especially the multiple destinations of black slaves who were removed from the shores of Africa.

The traditional three colors of red, gold, and green recognized by people of African descent all over the world: red for the blood (shed by millions in captivity), gold for the mineral wealth (prosperity), and green for the vegetation of the land of Africa as a home.

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