Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Manners for New Times

I would like to write about etiquette. Even, "the Queen of Etiquette," Letitia Baldrige, admits that new times request new manners. There are manners in the workplace, with clients and fellow employees and there are business ethics protocol in customer services.
There are traditional commonsense polite business behavior and it is good to know and follow them.
A good team member works on wining respect and loyalty, and this does not happened overnight. This required efforts, and it pays off and a great value to you and the team.
Specially, when you are nineteen, you cannot apply at work the bully rules that you picked up at your high school. Be nice to people on the top and on the bottom job scale in your working environment! Never criticize your boss or "rat" on anyone (unless that person is a drug dealer or steals.) Never profile or talk behind the back. After all, the boss will evaluate your working performance and will give you recommendations for your future professional career.
Keep promises and add value to your personality. Use humor. (If you do not have one, work on one.)

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