Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Great Faces in the Great Places

From breakthrough digital collections usage to digital photo montage that opens vast new pathways in new visual experience and to thoughtful new coverage of Learning Resource Center's (LRC) collaboration in study and learning.

Our new imprints are a logical continuation of the "Read" Posters that were successfully introduced last year to our learning community of teachers and students - the library users.

Today, we are tapping the power of digital publishing tools and technology-enabled project to make a positive and substantial impact on reading, writing, and library usage that translates into information literacy.

On behalf of the LRC staff, I would like to thank Mr. Victores for the color printing and the high hopes that students will enjoy seeing the "great faces in the great places."

Finally, in the end, it was done with an expectation that it will help to advertise and promote the library resources usage and information literacy.
"We are the future, we are the reading nation."

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