Friday, July 24, 2009

From the Librarian Desk ...

Note taking sharps the memory.
Please, use the library,
Read and write,
Get help and overcome the dislike.
Hard work and positive attitude
Make good use, means, and valued
In study and learning,
Within cozy books surrounding
Away from modern gadgets and megawatts.
Focus your thoughts
Toward success in school.
Simply, stay cool!
Instead of doodling and daydreaming,
Listen, ask, and participate in brainstorming -
Motivation in learning is a reward.
Words, words, words
With the librarian's supports.
Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
The key elements to progress and function.
Read and write,
And stay bright!
Sharp you "memor-E"
At your "librar-E!"

2009 Ida Tomshnsky (IT)

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