Friday, May 22, 2009

Interview Tips

Let's talk about making a good impression. First impressions are very important! They help managers to decide whether they like you or not. Here are a few tips to help you make a good impression.
A. Your Appearance
B. Your Attitude
C. Your Manners
D. Your Body Language
What separates the winners from the losers in the job interview? There are many factors. These are some of the most common:
1. Dress the part
2. Give complete answers
3. Sell yourself
4. Show enthusiasm
5. Ask for the job
6. Show that you are a team player
7. Show up on time
8. Watch out for trick questions
9. Show what you can do for the employer
10. At the interview: shake hands with a firm grip, maintain eye contact, be positive about previous employers and end the interview by thanking the interviewer for their time.
Next time, we will talk about questions to expect and questions to ask at the class of 101 Interviews Tips to make a good positive impression.

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