Friday, May 22, 2009

!Desde Ahora Que Sea Tu Belida!

Learning the Lingo from" Guide to Starbucks Beverages" -

"I will have a grande, quad, ristretto, nonfat, dry cappuccino, please!" -

What is a ristretto? How can a cappuchino be dry?

Grande: Starbucks second-largest beverage size, 16 fl oz.
Quad: Four shots of espresso in a drink
Ristretto: A short pull of espresso, capturing only the sweetest part
Dry: More foam, less milk
Cappuccino: A drink made with espresso and equal parts steamed milk and thick foam. It has a stronger espresso flavor than a latte.

And what does your drink say about you?
The old saying is "You are what you eat." But at Starbucks, we think what you drink says more about who you are. Triple, grande, decaf latte people aren't the same as tall, iced caramel macchiato drinkers.
There are four ways to customize your order: choose your order, choose your espresso, choose your milk, and choose other modifiers.
Then, you have the heart of your coffee drink-the espresso inside:
Extra Shorts,

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