Thursday, July 13, 2017

On Costume Division

Throughout the history costume has followed two separate line of development, led by two contrasting types of garment. The most obvious line of division is between male and female dress code: trousers and skirts. What is true that men have always worn bifurcated clothes and women not.

On another hand, Greeks and Romans wore tunics, that are figuratively saying are skirts. Mountain people like the Scots and the modern Greeks wear are, in effect, skirts.

Far Eastern and Near Eastern women have worn trousers, and many continue to do so. As a result, sex division turns out not to be a true division at all in the costume world.

Perhaps the most useful distinction of the dress code in the anthropological aspect lies in the differences between "tropical" and "arctic" dress. The geographical location had been a big factor to protect the human body from the environmental conditions of sun, cold and wind.

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