Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Bookend: An Essay

What happens when you are removed from the frontier life? You become a bookend. You support the bookshelves of books to be open and read. You always wished to have more time to finish the 'list of books' that accumulated for many years. You always dream to escape to the quite reading room, the chair under the palm tree or the bench in the park.  Instead, you are reading remotely. What we learn that accessibility matters to ensure a good online reading experience.

Meantime, it is time to rethink how our physical books stored. We need a quick solution for overloaded bookshelves, small piles of books - under the table, at the small night table at the bed, and other multiphase places around the house. It could be even used the simple idea to join them all together in one collection by lifting them and transporting within the house. There so many ways for self-satisfaction: to read them for the first time, to read the again and experience all the emotions and fillings again (nothing wrong with it), to donate my books to the appropriate library (let other people to enjoy them), to sell them at the garage-sale (do we sell our best-friends?), and be happy that your books find a better home.

The bookend itself is an important item in the household: it is creative and functional in the same time. The bookend brings the support to keep books and their knowledge in one space capacity; and where is knowledge, there are winners, expending the notion of reading and literacy to successfully bit the ignorance.     

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