Thursday, October 13, 2016

Topaz, November Birthstone

In shades of yellow, brown, honey, green, blue, red, pink and sometimes no color at all, Topaz has a mass appeal. Topaz is often found in an amber gold, yellow, or a blushing pink orange, and a pale pink or a sherry red Topaz are very exceptional. The most prized color of Topaz is called Imperial Topaz and features a magnificent orange with pink undertones. Blue, once a very rare color of Topaz, became the most common, due to man’s ability to enhance its color. Topaz with a naturally blue color is very unusual. The ancient Egyptians and Romans associated this golden gem with the Sun God that provides the power to protect and heal. Legend says that Topaz dispels enchantment. With its worldwide mass appeal throughout the centuries, once the person finds that perfect Topaz, he or she may be under its spell.

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