Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ankle Bracelets

Many women enjoy wearing jewelry. Wearing an ankle bracelet is no exception. The ankle bracelets are also called anklets. Ankle bracelets became fashionable in United States in the late 20th century. They are trendy on the West, and have a history going back centuries to ancient Egypt and Southeast Asia.

They are used as an accent to casual attire that bears the ankle area. They are usually worn in summer or at times when the legs and feet are exposed. There are some basic ankle bracelet etiquette rules to keep in mind when wearing the anklet. The ankle bracelet can be seen as sexually suggestive, and it is not considered appropriate to wear them in professional or formal environment. It is a big no-no to wear them to interviews, to the office or dinner parties. It is appropriate to wear ankle bracelets for casual and fun environments such as pool party or a trip to the beach. Because for their sexual overtones, ankle bracelets are mainly worn by younger women. On older women, they are looking tacky or in bad taste, over-the-top. Deborah Boland of the “Fabulous After 40” believes that ankle bracelets worn by older women is silly and looks trashy, evoking associations with “slave girls.”

As usual, the ankle bracelets are matched with flats and sandals without an ankle strap and look good with shorts, capris or skirts. Although most wear them on the right ankle.

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