Monday, February 15, 2016

Pockets, the Prelude to the Handbag

The history tells us an interesting story that has something to do with the pockets. In the sixteen century, wealthy individuals carried their money in pouches that were attached to a belt or a girdle. These pouches of money could be easily stolen by thieves. This why men and women would hide their possessions such as money, jewelry, and letters on the body, and in the deep pockets.  The women’s pockets might be hidden within the folds of their skirts or attached to a band under the skirt. In the past, these pockets called bagges. The tendency continues in the idea of the woman’s pouch as a symbol of feminine sexuality. It was something secret and unreachable to all, but exclusive of those who had a very intimate association with the person, as the woman’s pockets would be literally under her skirts.

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