Monday, October 26, 2015

With No Shoes

Photo: Ida Tomshinsky
Can you finish the story?

He was raised on an island with no shoes on and loved the feelings of both freedom and connection with nature...

Once upon a time it was a small-size young girl, and it was not easy to get shoes in her size. She got the desire to have nice fashionable shoes to dance her life away and to look a little bit taller too. One day, she saw a man without feet, and he did not have the need to use shoes...

The teacher asked the class: "Who does not wear shoes and socks?" The school boy from the back road yelled: "Barefoot!"

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LRC Digital Newsletter said...

Walking barefoot was all the rage a few tens of thousands of years ago and back before we had shoes everyone was doing it. Since then it went a bit out of style, but like everything it's gone full circle and more and more people are starting once again to go out barefoot.

The reason for this barefoot revival is quite simply that going barefoot has been shown to have various benefits for our health and fitness which make the slight discomfort more than worth it. (Mack Lemouse)