Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Facts About Handbags

Did you know that the average woman owns approximately six handbags? The average women’s handbag weights about 5.2 pounds. (What is in there??) The average student carries a book bag weighting 25% of their body weight. The recommended weight by physicians is no more than 15%. Based on a 2007 survey, men are actually more likely to choose a handbag based on its brand than women are. 22% of women said, if they could only splurge on one designed item, it would be a handbag. Only 9% said they would choose shoes.

Handbags are a girls (second) best friend! Men often wonder why we as women cannot go anywhere without our 3 - pound best friend by our side, but as soon as they need a tissue or a dab of hand lotion they are not shy to turn to your new addition to the handbag family.

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