Saturday, July 4, 2015

Beneath the Iceberg and Behind the Mask

Beneath the iceberg is the power of invisible beauty and wealth of compositional interpretation. Behind the masquerade mask is a mystery of the unknown of the fashion infusion of history, chic and practicality. And all the factors above contribute not only to information literacy, but to the visual literacy as well. Beneath of the smooth surface and clean canvas spurs attached layers of visual history and culture, visual pleasure and disruption bringing the creative individual infusions into the process. In the way of the process the compositional interpretations giving birth to manufacture quality.  

Fashionable always connected to new knowledge and interpretation of visual information. We have to look for it, locate, evaluate; and in the end, we create the new understanding and comprehension. It was, is, and always will be various ways of seeing, saying, and creating.

No secret, that fashion itself as a subject of matter is in the category of fine arts. The mystery of fashion can only be compared to the mystery of poetry, another subject of creative arts. The same as creative writing process, fashion sciences studies include fashion research, body and mind communication; and, in 21st century, the availability of modern technology.

Human history of fashion perhaps started thousand years ago with the humble apron worn by men. These words are written in the 3rd Chapter of Genesis: “…they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.” (Genesis 3:7) Saying this, we just acknowledge Adam and Eve as the first fashion designers’ duo tailoring the first garment with chic and practicality, and affordable sustainability.

Fashion attire and fashion accessories that we wear and carry infused with elements of rich history of costumes and textiles, cultural aesthetics and traditions, and socio-economical conditions that drive the progress of the functionality with chic and style in mode.

The 21st century fashion design continues evolved around visual observations and creative desires of leaders of the industry that not afraid to take risk management and create luxury items with six figures behind the price tag. And every year, more and more students are entering the Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising educational programs in London, Milan, New York, Miami and Los Angeles. The new generation prove themselves and convinced us that it is “all about looking GOOD in the burlap sack.” (Tomshinsky, 2013)

Fashion Tales, 2015. Draft program, February 4, 2015.(Tomshinsky, 2015.) Theorizing Fashion: Beneath the Iceberg, Behind the Mask, Milan, Italy, Friday, June 19, 14.30-16.00, p.7.


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