Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Black Swan Theory

What it means? What is the definition behind this theory? It was popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book entitled "The Black Swan." It is assumed that all swans are white. So the black swans, which do in fact exist in nature, are very rare, unique, and extraordinary.

According to Taleb, the "black swan events" have three major characteristics:
a. It is a surprise
b. It has a major impact
c. "Black swan events" are very powerful and may change the course of history, science, art, and technology.

Taking risk, thinking 'outside the box' may be occur by high-level leadership contributing to the natural phenomenon. The new era of freedom and creativity is an inspiration for young talented people that always helped to nourish a new generation of poets and artists - an adventurous generation steeped in the world of culture..

"Black swan events" open the new avenue to be engage in free and open dialogue with writers, artists, and scholars from North to South, from East to West - shaping the transformational effect on the work of these individual artists.

So, when you have the next black swan accouter, in culture or in the society, you will be able to recognized the contributions made to the contemporary culture, and to invigorate from it, in the words of Mandelstam, by a "longing for world culture."

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