Thursday, April 23, 2015

What is Life?

What is life?
Nothing more than a mere tragedy making a life of its own.
Should we just accept it
Or should we just fall into the deception that everything has fair win?

Love that vanishes
Even when you try your best to hold on tight.
A love that can break by just stepping on a crack

What is the reason of this?
Continuing on and on throughout the mess of our fathers.
Where is the change that can bind us?
Where is the change that can really change us?

Seeing that the sky is blue and
Knowing the sky is blue are two separate things
Our eyes in our perception are what blind us.
They blind us from the truth that our mind is at rage about.

What is life?
We cannot let the opportunity go to waste.
To change the world is what we need.
To let everything else non-important wait.

Ospino, Cristina (2015) "What is Life"

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