Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The eyes are to see

To look and give a glimpse of a view –

Sun rise, sun set;

To notice, gaze and steer at a sight,

To observe and perceive

The trees and the leaves -

Because we can eyewitness

Today and tomorrow, and the days after it,

And spot the characters and scenes

Of the real-life documentary

Observed and preserved in the me-mo-ry.


I love my eyes:

I can open and close them.

I can blink and sparkle,

And I can wink and twinkle.

My eyes can shine –

They never lie

And sometimes, they even have light!

Beside, my eyes can stand long in any face -fight.


Sometimes, my eyes can cry:

A fear, a shed tear, and a trace of smile

From my eyes –

Called ‘smiling eyes.’

Did I mentioned the glasses,

Little eyes’ helpers?

I love the eyes’ shield

Sheltering the wrinkles

And guarding the age.


His eyes are dark brown

As old-tree bark

Brown as dark chocolate

Shiny as brown polished shoes –

You can get lost in the deepness of lines –

Opposed attractiveness

And magnetism of eyes –

His eyes are dark

As black coffee cup.


The dark brown eyes of his

Are all the above,

‘Fete de la vision’

For the dear eyes

And vision sharper as ice,

Stronger as eagle’s watch.

Cheers!  We cheering and clapping

For the outlook success!
Written in May of 2014 by Ida Tomshinsky

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