Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ida, Why History?

The writing and teaching of history is more of a kind of a literary rather than scientific discipline. To me, its comprise the body of knowledge that is neither wholly objective nor subjective - it is history!
Beside, history at its best, is personal and participatory.

History of fashion accessories is fascinated: removing the corsets, replacing the handkerchief with Kleenex, reinventing the apron challenged the ideas about sexuality, motherhood, housework, the socio-economical issues surrounded it, and citizenship as well.

Drawing the wealth of research, Ida Tomshinsky had written a groundbreaking new history of History of Fashion Accessories series that shows how men and women created much of the historic fabric of the modern life.

"The ephod was an apron-like garment, covering the lower back of the body, from waist to the ankles, with a belt that tied in the front." (Rabbi YY Jacobson, 1988)

The "Aprons: Tale of Tradition" not only constitutes the very objective item of historic existence, but shows how the rich history of the food preparation prevented and protected the body of kitchen personal from unsafe food preparation surroundings.

Readers will find in the book the kitchen uniform and the modern time's chef's specific attire that could be seen in the most restaurants from A to Z! The book answers all questions about the long history of the domestic kitchen apron, their types and fashion developments during past and review the modern present. The apron: the practical kitchen accessory marches in the 21st century with confidence, in fashion and style.

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