Saturday, May 19, 2012


Crespine made the appearance at the end of the thirteen century. It was some kind of hairnet and had some innovation element, as in the Miggle Ages to show female hair considered to be immoral.
The crespine was a vertical item that plaited on each side of the face. In the 14th century, the veil reappared, but in new form as a 'nebula' headdress, made of a half-circle of linen framing the face.
In the contrast to the kerchief that was worn on the neck, rounded 'nebula' headdress, was framing the face in a square frame.
Also, in the end of te 14th century the was a cushion-headdress, what had some kind of padded roll worn over the hairnet. Sometimes this was pushed to extreme. The horn headdress came about 1410 with a structure called the "horn-of-a-cow" on which was draped the veil, followed by sausage-shaped roll of padded material forming a narrow U over the forehead.

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