Friday, February 10, 2012

Classic Cross-Stitch

What a wonderful hobby! Let's begin exclusive designs for gifts and collections by stitching!
Needlework is a keepsake to pass from generation to generation.
Red hearts for Valentine's Day is a tribute to stitching skills talent and a rewarding activity for long winter evenings.
The most commonly used the following stitches -

  • Basic cross-stitch

  • Cross-stitch variations such as quarter, half, and three-quarter are often used to form shapes within a design

  • Back stitch

  • Beginning thread

  • Ending thread

  • French knots

  • Lazy daisy stitch

  • Stem stitch

A variety of small motifs and an easy-to-stitching gift bags, tags, clothing trims and more. Personal messages and names are easy to graph with alphabet letters. Great fun for the beginners, too!

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