Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Merry Month of September

There are twelve months throughout the year
From January to December -
And the primmest month of all the twelve
Is the merry month of September.

"Where, oh, where has the sunshine gone?" - ask the children when the summer is rainy and chilly, but when it comes to the last days of August, the weather usually changes. The rain stops.. Sometimes it rains at night, but keeps the sky clear all day...The sun shines like anything. The flowers show their brightest colors. Everything is rich and alive.

Orchards now are apple scented,
Mists across the meadow lie,
Sunlight's gleaming soft and golden,
Hazy blue the kindly sky.
Spiders' webs are diamond hung,
Swallows twitter in the heat;
Chestnut leaves begin to yellow,
Robin's tiny song is sweet.
Asters and chrysanthemums
Make the cottage gardens gay.
Loveliness is everywhere
On this warm September Day!

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