Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lady Gaga Thinks She is a Fashion Librarian

Lady Gaga thinks she is a Fashion Librarian. She declared that she studied a lot the fashion terminology to be a Fashion Librarian. According to Lady Gaga, the green shoes from her aunt, posters from her dad's collection, and attending a second-hand bookstore in New York city make her a Fashion Librarian.

There is a zero understanding that Fashion Librarian is a profession that requires to have a Master's degree in Library Sciences (MLS) or Master's degree in Library Information Sciences (MLIS.) Library sciences and librarianship allow to own a title of the Librarian with capital "L."
There are librarians in public sector, academic librarians, school and special libraries' librarians.
Some librarians specialized as children literature librarians, other are law librarians. Some are specialists to provide valuable library resources, library services, and library programs to library users who seek information in these flattering fields of fashion and librarianship.

Knowledge of fashion terminology does not make you a Fashion Librarian as knowledge of Medical Terminology does not make you a Doctor.

For example, for French women fashion is almost a religion. French women know that they can go far with a great haircut, shoes, and a divine perfume, and do all of these things make them Fashion Librarians?

What is takes to be a Fashion Librarian? The fact that this area of research continues to be undervalued as an academic pursuit is itself meaningful. Fashion Librarianship science studies include socio-economical issues, historical approach, and wide aspect of business management. There are those information brokers, catalog, fashion arbiters, and John Bartlett all in whole that are very close to definition of what is the "Fashion Librarian."

Technically speaking, I will try to put it in Library of Congress (LC) classification system -
GT - Custom of Anthropology,
H - Social Studies,
HD - Economic Conditions,
HF - Commerce,
HG - Finance,
N - Fashion in Fine Arts,
NC - Drawing, Design, and Illustration Techniques,
TT - Hand Craft for Technology,
TS - Manufacturers.

Saint Exupery's Le Petit, "The Prince," is a book that all French people know well. It can be read in an hour, but it is packed with timeless wisdom. In the book, the fox explains to the little prince the need of rituals. There are rituals in real life applications. We spend most of our working hours performing our daily rituals, the routine. It happens because we are role models of our profession. Career-motivated professionals pay special attention to appearance for success. Appearance, the way people look from cleanliness, hairstyle, fingernails, cosmetics, jewelry to style of dress as important as other nonverbal communication.

Going back to Lady Gaga's attempt to be one of us, Fashion Librarians. The first choice to catalog selected library resources about Lady Gaga would be under music and pop culture, not in the fashion design or fashion merchandising section. Let say, it will be written a book (I am sure, somebody will!) about Lady' Gaga's fashion costumes that she uses in her performances and appearances. A book of this content could be on the bookshelves in 391 section of the Dewey Decimal classification system.

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