Monday, May 10, 2010

Starting Power of Story

Again and again, librarians telling the stories and there is a science behind it. The nature of human life is a story itself. Educational and linguistic researcher Mark Turner (1996) said, "There is a general story to human existence: it is the story of how we use story and parable to think."

The great philosopher Jean-Paul Satre (1964) said, "A man is always a teller of stories. He lives surrounded by his own stories and those of other people. He sees everything that happens to him in terms of stories, and he tries to live his life as if he were recounting it."

Brown (1991) made a list of human universals. Storytelling prominently appears near the top of the list. Taylor (1996) spent a hundred pages building a case for his statement, "You are your stories."
I can add that human stories make the social history. We are a part of the contemporary history, and how we live, work, and dream, all those, are making the page in history of the 21st century, summarizing the 1st decade.

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