Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl in Miami

Super Bowl in Miami is here, arrived and the touchdown celebration started. The game time excitement is everywhere! Many people, including volunteers, make the game day safe and fun for everyone. Charter buses, limousines, guests from the west in public transportation meet the traffic on express way.
The South Beach celebrating, parties in Downtown, Miami Beach, Bayside, Aventura, etc. People shopping, dinning, and get ready for the sports and arts entertainment. Miami welcoming celebrates! The weather is cooperating, at noon was nice and sunny besides the cold norther wind. In January, big chill killed alligators, pythons, and manatees, or so called, "sea cows."
The most important for the fans in outdoors that it is not raining.
Fashinistas are dressed in sports uniforms, but golden and royal blue are dominating the fashion statements.
The Super Bowl in Miami is not a child, but more of giant of a national week-end holiday in our back yard. So, who it will be the Saints and the Colts?

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