Monday, December 21, 2009

Colors of the 4th Quarter

Colors of the Fourth Quarter
Red is glorious,
Green is gorgeous,
Brown is a color of woods,
Blue is color of moods.

Yellow stands for sunshine’s.
Purple came from royal kinds.
Desired colors are for a special day.
Dark green dominates this holiday.

White is pure, clean, and crisp.
Wind is transparent and brisk.
What color is rain? The answer burdens -
Rainwater is clear, colorless, and depends.

Light rain is happy and pink
With a little wink.
Heavy down pouring rain is monotonous
And very tedious.

Do not wish any participation
For nature angry precipitation!
Mondays are black and white.
Tuesdays and Thursdays do not bite.

Wednesdays love half-day followers.
Casual Fridays care the rainbow of colors.
The box of crayons is empty and vacant.
Instead, the words made this weekend.

The colors were used to draw.
The artistic words are not raw.
So, do not forget
The December twenty-eighth of 2008.

2008-2009 © Ida Tomshinsky
December 28, 2008-2009

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